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Our High-Visibility Polo is available in a variety of sizes to fit everyone’s needs. It is also made from a durable fabric that is easy to care for.

This polo shirt is perfect for a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, and manufacturing. It is also a great choice for volunteers and event staff.

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Full Description


Our High-Visibility Polo is the perfect choice for professionals who need to stay visible and safe on the job, while still looking smart and sophisticated. Made from a high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric, this polo is both comfortable and stylish. It also features a variety of features that make it ideal for workwear, such as sun protection, UPF 30+, and an easy fit.


  • CoolMAX – Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Quick dry & breathable for comfort
  • Easy care fabric
  • Double stitched hems
  • Matching color buttons (3)
  • Sun protection: UPF 30+
  • Easy fit – allows extra ease for movement
  • High-visibility fabric for safety


  • Stay visible and safe on the job with high-visibility fabric
  • Stay comfortable with moisture-wicking fabric
  • Look smart and sophisticated with a stylish design
  • Enjoy a variety of features that make it ideal for workwear, such as sun protection and an easy fit


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